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Children in protective jacket with teacher walking on footpath

Bright Star Day Nursery

boy in apron during painting class

Maintaining the utmost standards of quality
across all aspects of our service is extremely important to us.

Achieving positive outcomes for our children should be driven by effective staff training, leadership and curriculum delivery, alongside a genuine passion for delivering the best-quality early years education that we can. Both our Chingford and Kilburn sites have been rated “Good” by Ofsted, something we are proud of and intend to continue improving year on year.

Feedback from our Good Ofsted report for our Chingford Nursery

“Children enjoy their time at the nursery and demonstrate that they feel safe, settled and happy. They actively engage in activities of their own choosing from a good range of resources.”

“Staff know the children well and build on their individual needs and interests. They plan opportunities to expand children's knowledge and skills through personalising the activities.”

“Parents speak highly of the nursery and report that they feel well informed about the developmental progress their children are making. They describe staff as 'caring' and 'friendly'.”

“The manager demonstrates a secure knowledge and understanding of safeguarding. Staff undertake regular training and demonstrate a sound awareness of the signs and indicators that a child may be at risk of harm.”

What Ofsted had to say about our Kilburn nursery

“Children are happy and enjoy their time at this setting. Staff are very welcoming, and the children have strong relationships with their key persons. Children are secure in the routines of the day, which are well managed by staff. As a result, they grow in confidence and flourish.”


“Staff support children to develop their communication and language skills. Children are encouraged to talk about what they have done over the weekend and what they want to play with next. Staff offer lots of praise and encouragement to children throughout activities.”


“Children demonstrate strong bonds with staff. Babies respond well to the focused attention and quickly become confident to explore their environment. All children thoroughly enjoy playing and interacting with staff and demonstrate that they feel safe and secure. Staff aim to provide one-to-one support for children, and they know them well.”

“There are plenty of opportunities for children to visit the local community, and staff plan activities that support children to understand the natural environment and develop their recognition of wildlife and insects.”

At Bright Star Day Nursery, we are always seeking to further improve the already-high standard of education and care we deliver.

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