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Our private daycare centre

As a private nursery, here at Bright Star we are dedicated to maintaining a standard of service that exceeds expectations. Both of our sites in Kilburn and Chingford have achieved a “good” rating at their most recent Ofsted inspections. You can find out more about life at our nurseries on this page.

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How we help
our children to get settled in

This is the most important part of a child’s introduction to their nursery, and for this reason it should be carefully planned.

We recommend a settling-in week prior to the child’s start date, to give both children and parents a chance to adjust to nursery in a relaxed way. Coming to the nursery is an exciting, happy and sometimes scary experience. The settling-in week is free of charge and allows both you and your child to become familiar with nursery life, and your child to gradually get used to coming to the nursery and leaving you, their parent.

How It Works

We suggest that in the beginning a parent stay with the child for short visits to the nursery. Later, as the child becomes more confident, the parent can leave the nursery for a short time, making this period longer each time, until the child stays for a full session without the parent.

Making the arrangements

The settling-in period usually lasts for one week, but you can discuss this with the nursery manager and the child’s key person so it can be tailored to you and your child’s needs. The exact programme for each settling-in period will depend on the individual child.

Keeping parents involved and informed

We believe that you, the parent, are a child’s first educators and know your child the best, hence we welcome and value your knowledge, observations and insight regarding their education. Our staff will be able to provide details of your child’s day when you arrive to collect them. Should you require extra time regarding a particular issue, a mutually convenient time will be arranged to discuss any issue at length. Children in the baby and toddler rooms will have a daily contact sheet, and an information board in the pre-school room. These will monitor how your child’s day has been: for example, feeding, toileting and sleeping. Developmental reviews will be held regularly to discuss your child’s progress. From this a developmental plan will be drawn up, outlining clear aims and goals to benefit the learning potential of your child. We actively encourage parental involvement within the nursery and any comments, ideas and suggestions you have are very welcome. We would love you to, if possible, come in and play or join in with other activities throughout the year. Also, to coincide with and complement the two-year health checks given by your health visitor, the nursery will spend time with you to complete a two-year progress check alongside our other reviews.

Welcome to our
Rising Stars room for under 2s!

In our baby area there is plenty of space for rolling, crawling and learning to walk. This play area is designed to provide a stimulating environment for your child. A key feature is the sensory area, where babies are given free rein to learn about their world through sensory motor development in an environment that is rich in mental stimulation.

We also have our snuggle area for those all-important naps and cuddles.
Your child's key person will work closely with you to develop a nursery routine that meets your wishes.
Your baby will be provided with fresh, clean bedding every day. Nappies, formula milk and a change of clothes must be provided by parents/carers.

Get in touch with the Bright Star private nursery and daycare centre.

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