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Emergency Child Care

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Emergency childcare is there to assist parents who may experience a breakdown in care. This can happen unexpectedly, for example your regular nanny or childminder has called in sick and family members are unavailable or you have been called to attend an important business meeting.


We are here to provide for and meet the needs of parents. Whether it’s a last minute booking or emergency care which was booked months in advance, you can be confident that your child will be in a secure environment and cared for by experience staff.


We try to keep our cost as low as possible depending on parents needs. We charge £70 per day. This includes all meals. There is no additional charge.


To book emergency childcare please contact BrightStar Day Nursery on 020 7998 6042 to check availability. Once availability has been confirmed you can then state time and date you require emergency childcare. On arrival day you will be asked to complete a registration form.